Kunagone lavender wardrobe bag - repels moths and smells lovely.

Do you like a pleasant smell when you open your wardrobe? Are you afraid of moths that might damage your clothes? All the fragrances you put in your wardrobe smell short and do not necessarily protect against pests? Check out Kunagone’s lavender bag – a real hit!


5 reasons

Why include a lavender Kunagone bag in your wardrobe?

Beautiful and soothing scent of lavender

Lavender has a very soothing effect on the nervous system, relieves stress and makes it easier to fall asleep. The aroma of this beneficial plant shouldn't be missing from your wardrobe. Imagine a morning when you pull out the always fragrant clothes that will minimise your stress before a difficult business meeting or give you energy even before your first coffee.

Protects against moths

Not everyone is aware that moths or rather larvae hatched from eggs, feed on the fibres of clothes (mainly natural fibres). This means that your clothes can be seriously damaged. It's worth protecting them from a dangerous attack with a Kunagone bag.

Style is in the detail

Kunagone's lavender bag is a great weapon against moths and an excellent wardrobe freshener. Additionally it looks good! Therefore, it will be perfect as a gift not only for detailers.

Hanging cord

A wardrobe fragrance must not only be effective, aromatic and pretty but also easy to hang. The Kunagone bag is equipped with a convenient to use string. Thanks to it, you will hang Kunagone in seconds!

Long operating time

Most wardrobe fragrance bags on the market are very short-lived. Don't want to change your fragrance every few days? Choose Kunagone lavender which lasts up to 90 days!

It repels moles and smells lovely.

Lavender is one of our favourite scents. No wonder! Not everyone realises that this aroma has calming properties. It has a very soothing effect on the nervous system, relieves stress and makes it easier to fall asleep. Another interesting fact is that the smell of lavender, in the case of strong tiredness, stimulates to action. Hang it in the wardrobe and you are ready to go! The product is sold in the form of a hanging bag which makes it very easy to install.

Composition: fragrance mixture in granulated form with lavender oil. Shelf life: 3 years.


How to use?


Pull off the foil pouch cover.


Tie the bag in an area where the presence of moths is undesirable.


Allow the fragrance to be released slowly at the installation point.


No moths? Great! Moths still visible? Increase the number of points.

Protecting your clothes

The antimoths guard has been activated. Duration up to 90 days.

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